School Directory

Headmaster Mr. David Drake * ddrake@whiteoakschool.org
Secretary to the Headmaster Ms. Melissa Rymasz 201 mrymasz@whiteoakschool.org Main Office, IEP Meeting Scheduling
Academic Dean Ms. Jody Michalski 204 jmichalski@whiteoakschool.org
Dean of Students Mr. Gerard McGovern ** gmcgovern@whiteoakschool.org Guys Club
Admin Assistant Mrs. Betsy Ricco 225 bricco@whiteoakschool.org Student Services Office,Grade 12 Advisor
Admissions Mrs. Alex Sutter *** admissions@whiteoakschool.org
Nurse Mrs. Gail Henderson 221 nurse@whiteoakschool.org
Career Counseling Ms. Dale Rogers 222 drogers@whiteoakschool.org Career & College Guidance
Speech and Language Services Ms. Sarah Karney 203 skarney@whiteoakschool.org
Technology Coordinator Mr. Patrick Dowd 223 pdowd@whiteoakschool.org
Business Manager Mrs. Janine Ross 207 jross@whiteoakschool.org
Cafeteria Ms. Leanne Ballou 208

* Inquiries to Mr. Drake – Melissa Rymasz, ext. 201
** Student Services, inquiries to Mr. McGovern – Betsy Ricco, ext. 225
*** menu option 4 to reach Admissions

Directory of Teachers

Teacher Ext. E-mail Advisor/Activity
Mrs. Brenda Carey 297 bcarey@whiteoakschool.org Oral Expression, Math
Mr. Robert Carey 275 rcarey@whiteoakschool.org Social Studies, Music Club, Summer School Director, Senior Advisor
Mrs. Dorothy Chalero 279 dchalero@whiteoakschool.org Language Arts, Science, Grade 11 Advisor,Director of Drama Productions, Drama Classes
Ms. Rachel Crowe 286 rcrowe@whiteoakschool.org Science, Acorn Newsletter Editor
Ms. Joanne Daley 231 daleymedia@comcast.net OE Media Production (Department Co-Chair), Athletic Director,Outdoor Adventure Program
Ms. Destiny Dudley 252 ddudley@whiteoakschool.org Language Arts
Ms. Florence Fuda 303 ffuda@whiteoakschool.org Science, Social Studies, Grade 10 Advisor, Helping Hands Club
Mrs. Danielle Gibson 255 dgibson@whiteoakschool.org Social Studies, Oral Expression, Girls Club,Assistant Director – Drama, Grade 9 Advisor
Ms. Samantha Gray 272 sgray@whiteoakschool.org  Math, Social Studies
Mrs. Ami Jasmin 251 ajasmin@whiteoakschool.org Math, Grade 10 Advisor
Mrs. Tiffany Lynch 256 tlynch@whiteoakschool.org Oral Expression (Department Co-Chair)
Mr. John Marshall 300 jmarshall@whiteoakschool.org Art, Photography, Woodworking, Soccer Coach, Guys Club
Mrs. Dina O’Connor 262 doconnor@whiteoakschool.org Physical Education Instructor, Cross-Country Coach, Senior Advisor
Mrs. Cindi Pliska 271 cpliska@whiteoakschool.org Math (Department Chair)
Ms. Kayla Ramsden 294 kramsden@whiteoakschool.org  Science, Social Studies
Mr. Cameron Rodak 296 crodak@whiteoakschool.org Social Studies, Middle School Advisor
Ms. Dale Rogers 222 drogers@whiteoakschool.org Social Studies, Math, Pottery Classes & Club, Helping Hands Club
Ms. Dina Rossi 274 drossi@whiteoakschool.org Language Arts, Helping Hands Club
Mrs. Louise Saloio 270 saloiolouise@gmail.com
Mr. Alex Schindel 291 aschindel@whiteoakschool.org Science (Department Chair), Yearbook Editor