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School Directory

Headmaster Mr. David Drake *
Secretary to the Headmaster Ms. Melissa Rymasz 201 Main Office, IEP Meeting Scheduling
Academic Dean Ms. Jody Michalski 204
Dean of Students Mr. Gerard McGovern ** Guys Club
Admin Assistant Mrs. Betsy Ricco 225 Student Services Office
Admissions Mrs. Alex Sutter ***
Nurse Mrs. Gail Henderson 221
Career Counseling Ms. Dale Rogers 222 Career & College Guidance
Speech and Language Services Ms. Sarah Karney 203
Speech and Language Pathology Assistant Ms. Darian Kradin 203
Business Manager Mrs. Janine Ross 207
Cafeteria Mrs. Jean Despard 208
Technology Coordinator Mr. Patrick Dowd 223

* Inquiries to Mr. Drake – Melissa Rymasz, ext. 201
** Student Services, inquiries to Mr. McGovern – Betsy Ricco, ext. 225
*** menu option 4 to reach Admissions

Directory of Teachers

Teacher Ext. E-mail Advisor/Activity
Mrs. Brenda Carey 297 Oral Expression, Math
Mrs. Dorothy Chalero 279 Language Arts, Science, Grade 11 Advisor,Director of Drama Productions, Drama Classes
Ms. Rachel Crowe 286 Science, Acorn Newsletter Editor
Ms. Joanne Daley 231 OE Media Production (Department Co-Chair), Athletic Director,Outdoor Adventure Program
Ms. Florence Fuda 303 Science, Social Studies, Grade 10 Advisor, Helping Hands Club
Mrs. Danielle Gibson 255 Social Studies, Oral Expression, Girls Club, Assistant Director – Drama, Grade 9 Advisor
Mr. Jonathan Girard 252 Social Studies
Ms. Samantha Gray 272  Math, Social Studies
Mrs. Ami Jasmin 251 Math, Grade 10 Advisor
Mrs. Tiffany Lynch 256 Oral Expression (Department Co-Chair)
Mr. John Marshall 300 Art, Photography, Woodworking, Soccer Coach, Guys Club
Mrs. Dina O’Connor 262 Physical Education Instructor, Cross-Country Coach, Senior Advisor
Mrs. Cindi Pliska 271 Math (Department Chair)
Ms. Kayla Ramsden 294  Science, Social Studies
Mr. Cameron Rodak 296 Social Studies, Middle School Advisor
Ms. Dale Rogers 222 Social Studies, Math, Pottery Classes & Club, Helping Hands Club
Ms. Dina Rossi 274 Language Arts, Helping Hands Club
Mrs. Louise Saloio 270 Science, Social Studies
Mr. Alex Schindel 291 Science (Department Chair), Yearbook Editor
Mrs. Abney Seyler 275 Math
Mr. Stefen Welch 301 English