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Career Counseling

Our Career Counselor guides, supports, and assists White Oak students and their parents or guardians in developing solid transition plans. One-to-one student/counselor meetings occur regularly and parents/counselor meetings are readily arranged upon request. The following activities and materials are representative of career counseling topics and activities:

    • Career Inventories (typically freshman and junior years) with analysis of results and exploration of careers and majors of interest
    • Targeting of appropriate colleges, technical schools, or other training programs
    • Field trips (small groups) to colleges with programs of specific interest and appropriate support services for students with learning differences
    • Guided student development of a personal profile essay (junior year) in which each student is guided to identify his/her own strengths, areas of challenge, and individual learning style
    • Development of oral and written language for self-advocacy through coaching, script-building, and modeling
    • Resume Building
    • Support for requesting letters of recommendation, completing employment applications, and preparing for job or college interviews
    • Development of individual calendars with college and scholarship deadlines
    • Assistance in completing specific components of college applications and assembling/mailing packets to meet deadlines
    • Financial Aid Information and resources provided to students and parents

Senior Portfolios are created for each White Oak senior. The notebook portfolios include student resumes, letters of recommendation, and reference sections on obtaining a job, updating resumes, composing cover letters and thank you letters, writing tools and templates, math notes, graphic organizers, student writing samples, assistive technology, and legal rights.

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White Oak School Graduates – 2012 to 2017

WHITE OAK SCHOOL 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 Total
Number of Graduates 14 17 13 13 21 9 87 students
Four-Year College 7 6 1 5 8 2 33%
Two-Year College 4 7 12 7 12 4 53%
Gap or Post-Grad Year 1 <1%
Full-time Employment  3 1 1 2 <1%
Vocational School 1 1 <1%
Prep School 2 <1%